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Spinal Decompression (Flexion-Distraction)

Flexion-distraction is a gentle “non cracking” chiropractic adjusting technique performed on a special table that moves in spinal ranges of motion. These motions allow the Chiropractor to open compressed spinal disc spaces (spinal decompression), traction the spine and reduce pressure on facet joints and other spinal structures. It can often help a patient avoid spinal surgery for low back and leg pain (sciatica, disc problems and spinal stenosis).

Flexion-distraction gently restores range of motion in the joints and muscles and thusly increases flexibility and improves posture. It is guided by the Chiropractor’s contact hand on the involved spinal segment while the doctor’s other hand controls the flexion-distraction table’s movement. No cracking is involved.

As shown below, the vertebrae are gently pulled apart helping to restore diminished disc height and relieve pressure on nerves.

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